This is the Web page of “De Mvsica Antiqva”, a chamber choir located in Salamanca, Spain. In this section we summarize in english the info that you can find in spanish in the rest of our Web page:

 Choir History:

De Mvsica Antiqva” is an amateur group created in 2005, integrated by musicians and music lovers, that performs programs of works from authors as important as: Thomas Tallis, Palestrina, Tomás Luis de Victoria or Cristóbal de Morales among others. We intend to select works that are not in the common repertoire of other local choirs and make them known to our public.

The choir gave its first concert in spring 2006, and since then we have offered recitals in the provinces of Salamanca, León, Cáceres, Ávila, Vitoria and Zamora, collaborating with several local institutions. In addition, “De Mvsica Antiqva” has participated in several religious events, such as the proclamation of Holy Week in Peñaranda de Bracamonte,  the celebration of the 5th centenary of the beginning of the construction of the New Cathedral of Salamanca (2013) or the Poet before the Cross of the year 2018.

In addition to offering concerts in its more traditional style, the choir also offers other alternatives, such as the didactic concert, in which the basic concepts of the choral form are explained to children or old persons in a simple and enjoyable way. This type of concert has been offered at the Torrente Ballester Library, the auditorium of the City Council of Cabrerizos and at the pediatric wing of the University Hospital of Salamanca. Finally, the choir also offers thematic concerts, aimed at explaining to the public events or historical figures using the music that was composed in that era, using also texts and explanatory images.

Some of the latest projects of De Mvsica Antiqva include, the concert given in the cathedral of Vitoria on October 15, 2016, the charity concert held in favor of the eradication of the Pian in the church of San Sebastián in summer 2017 or its performance at the first International Choir Festival of Anadía (Portugal) on November 18, 2017. More recently, the choir has collaborated with the soprano María Espada in two charity concerts, in favor of Intermom-Oxfam and the Cancer Research Center of Salamanca on February 16 and October 30, 2018 respectively.

Camino Berciano Ramos –Conductor-

She was born in León and studied music at the Colegio Nuestra Señora del Carmen. She subsequently carried out specialization studies in the Kodály system at the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary. She has a degree in Music Sciences, is a piano teacher as well as teacher of music theory, and music pedagogy. She has taught at the Music Conservatory of Melilla, at the I.E.S. “Rusadir” (Melilla), at the IES “Leonardo da Vinci” of Alba de Tormes (Salamanca) and at the Professional Conservatory of Music of Salamanca among others.

He has been part of the University Choir of León and the choir of the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary. In 2006, she became part of the Choir “De Mvsica Antiqva” and from the summer of 2010 she began to work as director of the group.
Members of the Choir (2019-2020)

– Deanna García.
– María del Pilar Porras Navalón.
– Megumi Uemura.
– Ana Isabel Negro Domínguez.
– Teresa Ramos Rioja.
– Rosa García Cachán.

– María Elia Crespo López.
– María del Pilar Flores Cortina.
– María López de Lacalle Vegas.
– María Dolores Plaza Martín.
– Purificación Yáñez Bosque.

– Noé Blanco Sánchez.
– Fernando Sánchez Miret.
– Angel Barba Marcos.
– Alberto Fernández Medarde.

– José Antonio Martín Díaz.
– Eduardo de la Fuente Ciruelas.
– Luis Sánchez Tercero.
– Pedro Nuño Rodríguez.
– Andrés Torijano Pérez.

If you want to join your name to this list, see the requirements below and contact us at: corodemvsicaantiqva@yahoo.com

Our Music (audio files)

Here we present some samples of our work (Nuestra música – Our music). We wish them to be of your liking. You can also listen to some of the chorus recordings on our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHbvCvYJjjD4eoIT9uPSUEQ

Some samples of our music on other people’s YouTube channels:
Charity concert with soprano María Espada – February 2018:


Hör mein Bitten.

Concierto – Christmas 2016. Mass for Christmas night (Charpentier).

Concierto – Charity concert for the brotherhood of Veracruz.

Concierto – Thematic concert Aldeatejada 2013.

Villancico y Misa Acordes Liras – Villancico and Misa Acordes Liras along with musicians from the professional conservatory of Salamanca and singers from other choirs.

Ensayo – Christmas concert rehearsal 2016.

Do you want to sing with us?

Our choir rehearses in Salamanca (Spain) every Friday from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., so obviously, if you can’t get close to Salamanca that day and at that time, unfortunately you won’t be able to join us. If you live in Salamanca or nearby, the schedule convinces you and you want to be part of a group with enthusiasm to do things right and have fun doing them, then your collaboration is welcome.

Additional Requirements:

1- Have an ear for music. Candidates will be tested to check their tuning.

2- Have sung in a choir before or have musical knowledge. The choir has a rhythm of rehearsal and learning to which you must adapt. Normally if you have choral experience or musical knowledge, this adaptation is easier.

In any case, the choir conductor will follow up the new members to observe their evolution, having the last word about their permanence in the choir.

To contact us and arrange an audition, you will find us at:


Thanks for your interest.

DMVA choir.

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